Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Funny Money


Laughter is the best medicine… Obviously that statement was originated before the invention of Percocet, but having said that, laughter truly is a powerful elixir. It is the most powerful reaction a human can generate.  Laughter is more powerful than anger, sadness, fear, melancholy, or any myriad of emotions that we humans struggle with in our daily lives. Laughter boosts immunity, lowers stress, decreases pain, relaxes muscles and has been known to prevent heart disease.
            We are all familiar with the physiological benefits of laughter, but what is not ubiquitously recorded in the annals of knowledge is that laughter closes sales, attracts clients, and strengthens relationships. “you don’t need more business, you need more friends”, “People want to do business with their friends” If you have ever read any of Jeffrey Gitomer’s books, you have heard that.

Contrary to popular belief people are not born funny. I believe that funny people simply choose to find the humor in every day situations. Becoming funny is a process. Here are three ways to start.

1.BE INCLUSIVE. The reason humor is so powerful is that it touches one of our most basic human needs, the need for belonging.  When you are included in a joke or a funny story, it is as if the teller has embraced you and welcomed you into their world. It is a good feeling and a potent connection between people. The goal with humor should not be the laughter but the connection, so don’t use profanity or tell racist jokes, sexist jokes, fat, short, gay, ethnic, or religious jokes. You are taking a huge risk. Even if you get a laugh, you have just proven out loud that you are a risk to do business with, have poor judgment, and are probably a monumental jackass.

2.  BE ORIGINAL.  If you read it on the internet…so have they. The best-case scenario is they let you finish the joke and act as if it is the first time they heard it. The worst-case scenario is they blurt out the punch line in front of the group leaving you standing there like a foreign exchange student on the first day of class. All smile…nothing to say. Tell about funny things that happen to you in traffic, at the store, tell about your family vacations, mother-in-law, etc. These situations are relatable and original.

3. WRITE IT DOWN.  Planned spontaneity…this is the phrase of the day class. If something funny happens, write it down. If you hear a funny phrase or see a funny gesture, record it and review it. If something funny happens to you on the way to the forum (gratuitous Broadway reference), then write it down in story form and save it. You will find a time to re-tell it and you will come across as witty, spontaneous, and funny.

Becoming funny is a process. It does not happen overnight nor does it happen because you have memorized a few jokes. Humor is a natural byproduct of a positive attitude. If you choose to find the positive in your circumstances, then it is easier to find the humor. When you find humor where others can’t, you are funny. When you are funny and share your humor in a positive way, you make friends. And when you easily make friends, you will close sales, attract clients, and strengthen relationships with your customers, clients, and co-workers.

Want more funny? Watch Patrick here:www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FGcVHsvqGY

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